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5781/2021 - It All Adds Up!


Some understandings from 5781/2021

Supernatural Healings will Increase

The letter “Pey” also represents God’s mouth.


It is God Who was in the beginning and Who spoke the world into existence.


There will be more people whose mouths will be like God’s mouth in 2021.

In Psalm 107:20 it is written, “God sent His WORD and HEALED them, and delivered them…”


(Psalm 107:20)


This will start happening more and more for 2021,


God’s people will be God’s mouth and when we speak, people will be healed and delivered.

Strength from God to Lead


The letter “Aleph” or number 1 in word and numbers looks like an ox

It represents the strength and power of God.


It’s only in God we can find strength and power to do things.


Last year 5780/2020 was about the mouth being covered, “upside down”, but this year the Lord is adding His strength which will enable us to do His will.

God’s words and His strength and power are coming together.

In 5781 we will have the strength to start and accomplish what the Lord has put in our heart.



5. In Modern Hebrew, words associated with 5781 (tashpah) has come to mean garbage or rubbish.


6. The (tav) indicates the future tense and so this year’s letters read as: “Dump last year’s waste!”


7. When arranged different, tashpah rereads as (tishaf), which is to inhale. 

8. The letters split and taken separately, yield 57 and 81, which spell (zan) – sustenance – and (af) – nostrils: key words representing:

9. The economy and the breath of life.


Coronavirus attacked both, claiming lives through respiratory disease and severely threatening the economy.


10. 5781/2021


With 5781 the gematria can be spelled out three ways:

The first:


This method uses the gematria for 5,000, 700, 80, 1

היופא (1)


In Hebrew this is actually the word for hippo. Hippos can symbolize strength, courage, calm during a crisis, and the ability to navigate with clarity even I murky waters.


Listen, this is wild


11. So we could take some meaning from that, with the chaos that

5780/2020 has been so far, the transition into 5781/2021 will bring calm despite the crisis and clarity in our emotions.


If we put a space, היופא

ה יופא means “the beauty”.


Indicating this year will be a beautiful change from the year we’ve had with 5780/2020?


12. The letters themselves also have meaning:


ה Heh – Look, reveal, breath, window, eternity,behold, what comes from


י Yod – Work, throw, hand


ו Vav – Add, secure, hook, peg, nail


פ Pey – Blow, scatter, edge, mouth


א Aleph – Strong, power, leader, ox

So from those letters’ meanings we can come up with all sorts of “prophetic” meanings – 5781 will be a year to look at our work and nail down the voice of our leaders.


The second!

13. This method uses the gematria for 5, 7, 8, 1

(הזחא) (letters) (2)


ה Heh – Look, reveal, breath, window, eternity


ז Zayin – Foot, cut, nourish, weapon, sword, completeness, perfection


ח Chet – Outside, divide, half, enclosure, fence, new beginning, new creation


א Aleph – Strong, power, leader, ox


From these letters we can read


14. 5781 will be a year to look for nourishment outside a leader, a window for new nourishment and leadership, or revealing completeness, a powerful division between old and new creation.

15. More amazing things about 5781/2021


The third:

Another way to interpret Hebrew numerology is to add the numbers until we have a single number.

5+7+8+1 = 21

2+1 = 3 (3)


So the meanings associated with the number 3 would apply to the year 5781.


We could also then take that 3 (Gimel) and look at it through gematria.


Gimel ג represents the number three and symbolizes important ideas, divine purpose, a camel, self-will, or pride. Jesus is our burden bearer.



Tripling of seven (3×7=21). This can be good as in a multiplication of rest, holiness, or the seven Spirits of God, but can also depict judgment and the spirit of anti-messiah as seen in the triplets of sevens from the Book of Revelation. 

Twenty-First Hebrew Letter: Sheen Numerical value of three hundred, meaning of teeth, to devour, chew on, destroy, think about, ponder, fire, tongues of fire, sharpen, press, eat, consume.

Remember Hebrew for Satan is Sheen (teeth)...Tet (snake).....Noon (devours)....

Luke 10:19 Behold, I have given you authority to trample on serpents (Satan and satanic) and scorpions (evil spirits) and over (all) the power of the enemy, and (nothing) will injure you.

There is another form combined to....

Greek and Hebrew

2021 = 10×2; 10×2 + 1 = Courts are seated, and judgment pronounced; Prayer, worship, receive, the first things, the Father’s revelation.

The mouth 81/21



We are going to explore gematria, numbers, prophesy, and symbolic meanings in regards to the coming year, but it should all start from a place of listening to what God is saying.

What I am going to say to us today – is (He) saying anything to us or is it just teaching?


His voice is what makes something prophetic, not the use of Hebrew symbolism and complicated interpretation (that would be Gnosticism not Prophecy).


Before we go further, be aware, are we listening to His voice– what is God telling us about 5781/2021?

Does any of this make sense with what we are hearing from him?

Is He confirming in our spirit?

The goal in any prophetic word should be to connect with the heart of God, not to have some exciting thing to say and impress others with.

Please test any word we hear.

No matter whom the word comes from – test it.

Does it agree with scripture and what we know of the nature of God?

Pray about it.


What is Holy Spirit saying to us about it?

Does it resonate with our spirit or feel off?